We will host professionals from transport industry around the globe to share stories, compare best practices, and talk about problems that they had to overcome.


The conference is a fully virtual event. The online conference will begin at 10:00 a.m. and end at 16:00 pm (Central European Time).


We will discuss some of the most important topics in the field of Transportation.


We will provide a recording of the conference after the event for 14 days.



  • Transportation routing and monitoring systems. Control over the implementation of the specified route path. Vehicle position control. Tracking the progress of transportation in accordance with the schedule. What effect have logistics companies received from injuries? What is the payback from using automated solutions?
  • Automated Fleet Management. Experience of application and use.
  • Vehicle Safety Enhancement System.
  • Experience in applying blockchain technologies in a motor transport company.
  • Autonomous driving - and experience of real application. Unmanned freight transport. Advantages and disadvantages. New rules to improve road safety and enable fully self-driving cars in the EU.

  • Cost of transportation and ways to reduce it. Cost classification. Factors affecting the cost of transportation. How to reduce costs and minimize operational expenses?
  • Impact of rising fuel costs. How fleets can manage fuel costs better: ways to save on fuel
  • Fleet maintenance vehicle and equipment replacement.
  • Risk and loss prevention within the transportation. Theft, shortage, damage and damage to goods during transportation. The most typical theft tactics during transportation. How to ensure the safety of goods during transportation and storage in transit?

  • Managing HR issues in a highly regulated environment.
  • How to adjust your leadership style to deal effectively with crises.
  • Formation of corporate values ​​in a team. Employee Retention Strategies.
  • Coordination of team work and conflict situations.
  • Secrets of motivation: is it possible to manage the enthusiasm of employees?
  • How to increase the responsibility of workers for the results of their work.

  • Mobility Package 1- new rules. Penalties for non-compliance with the new rules. Key recommendations on the enforcement of the amended driving and rest time rules, cabotage and cooling off rules, return of the vehicle.
  • New requirements for air shipments to the EU: Import Control System 2 (ICS2) Release 2. New advance data reporting requirements for pre-loading and pre-arrival customs risk assessments.
  • Transport and storage of dangerous goods: What's coming in 2023. Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR).
  • Assistance systems: which systems are mandatory from 2022 and which from 2024.
  • New EU rules to improve road safety and enable fully driverless vehicles in the EU.

  • Electronic Freight Information (eFTI): expected changes in 2024.
  • Key issues for e-CMR implementation.
  • Algorithm of transition to electronic transport document flow. What preparatory work should be started now? Analysis of current business processes. Use of mobile devices.
  • Training employees on how to overcome drivers' fear of the new tool.

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